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Style Coach Academy Results

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Listen, waking up to a notification that someone booked with you is the BEST feeling. I have hit my revenue goal 6 months straight.

Loren Sanders

I love you Nikki! Because you have set me up to WIN and be intentional about my messaging and how I SHOW UP, I literally have clients coming to me without having to struggle. I went from a few hundred dollars every few months to 4 figures every month just by niching down and honing in on my Unique Style Process. 

Maria Swann

Timing is EVERYTHING! Finding Nikki and SCA is exactly what I needed when I decided to launch my styling business. SCA has given me the strategy, tools, and resources needed for success as a stylist. I now feel confident in my messaging and styling offers because I have a clear style process in place for my ideal client. 

Adrienne Russell

Since working with Nikki inside of SCA, I have been able to niche down completely. The program has helped me create a clear vision not just for now but for longevity and to position myself as a CEO of a company and not just another stylist trying to make it. 

Ceceily Maraya