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SCA® Goes Beyond a Learning Platform

We're here to be your strategic partner,

in establishing a thriving styling business. Our goal is to support you at every stage of your journey as a CEO.

Whether you're a beginner or aiming to elevate your styling business, we tailor our programs to provide you with the tools and tactics for a sustainable styling business.


It's about embracing who you are, owning it, and sharing your style expertise with the world.
We keep it simple, fitting strategies seamlessly into your lifestyle. We want you doing what you love and spreading that dope style energy from one client to the next.
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How We Can Support You

Building from Ground Up

Style Expert Foundation

The essential roadmap to kickstart or redirect your journey as a thriving style expert. From laying the groundwork for your business to honing your unique style vision and establishing the systems needed, this program covers all the bases to set you up for success.

Gimme the goods!

Ultimate Level Up

Style Offers That Sell Out

This is THE ultimate guide for crafting styling packages that satisfy your clients' desires and have them wondering where you've been all their lives. Delve into client-centered styling offers and discover how to set the right price, qualify the right clients, and provide services that not only highlight your style expertise but also emphasize your value you provide.

Let's Dive In

Industry Authority

Style Content Mastery

Say 'goodbye' to constant questions about where to buy that cute top; instead, get ready for more conversations about booking your services. Plus, you'll learn how to create a marketing strategy that's not a one-time thing – it's something you can use over and over again.

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The Community for style experts

Style Expert Circle

Join our support circle where you can regularly discuss your challenges, ask questions, share your weekly wins and brainstorm ideas. You need specific feedback in an inspiring environment to help you continue building your business, so SEC is where it's at!

Count Me In!

THE EVENT of the year

Style Expert Weekend

Ready to elevate your business, reignite your marketing and stand in your DOPENESS...IN-PERSON? Pack your bags! Style Expert Weekend is where style experts come together for a weekend of COACHING,CONTENT, and CONNECTION.

Ready to pack my bags!

Inside of Style Coach Academy, you will learn how to create EXCLUSIVE styling offers that will double your revenue. You will learn how to bring in consistent clients, how to serve them and how to articulate your failure.

Two LIVE Group Coaching Calls per month
Two Co-working space calls per month
Three One-on-One calls

What makes SCA different is that we focus on EXCLUSIVE styling offers vs generic offers that are typically offered within our industry. Teaching stylist how to create their own style methodology.