Hey, Love!

You’ve tried the rest, now it’s time to rock with the best!


Imagine how dope life would be if you could…

  • Wake up every morning excited to run your styling business because you’ve mastered the art of articulating your value 

  •  Attract mad leads through your perfectly-aligned messaging that takes you from “broke and burnt out” to “Booked and BADASS” status 

  •  Shift from just presenting clothing options to presenting straight-up solutions to your ideal clients’ style dilemmas 

  •  Show up as a Style Expert with confidence on 100 because you finally have the structure you’ve been seeking

  •  Carve out a space for your styling business with a Unique Style Process(USP) that informs HOW you deliver style results for your clients

  •  Increase your client base and double (even triple!) the monthly income of your styling business

It’s yours for the taking, but it starts by saying “buh-bye” to Google— at least when it comes to your styling business.

Does this sound familiar?

You hop online with high hopes. After several hours of clicking, scrolling, and researching “how to price my services,” “how many styling packages do I need,” and “how can I get consistent styling clients,” you log off frustrated and no further than you were when you started.

It doesn’t have to be this way, boo.

Piece-mealing information from various sources when you lack proper guidance is a guaranteed recipe for failure. I know because I tried all the same tactics before finding my way.

Today, I share my blueprint with Style Coaches like you looking for a proven (and simplified) step-by-step approach to growing their styling businesses. I do what I do because I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to start or overcome those constant hurdles as a new Style Coach.

I want you to receive the guidance and support I didn’t get and couldn’t find when I started my journey.

I am 100% committed to your success. As a Style Coach Academy® member, I will help you increase revenue with styling offers that complement your ideal clients’ Style Stage™ while utilizing a unique Style Methodology for your brand. 

While I stand on the effectiveness of my program, I can’t guarantee results. I will give you my time, expert advice, and guidance, but you have to do your part to achieve the desired outcome.

I also need you to know this…

If you’re seeking a quick or cheap fix, Style Coach Academy® is not for you, love. My program is for Style Coaches serious about building and implementing a solid foundation of strategies to scale their styling business for long-term success. Without a doubt, it’s a high-class option, and the investment reflects that.

The price may make you question if it’s worth it. You may even have doubts about if what you’re reading on this page is possible for you and if SCA® is the best choice. Believe me - I get it. That’s why I offer a guarantee that reduces your level of risk so you can move forward with certainty:

If you don't see an increase in your clientele or your revenue after implementing all my strategies and participating in every one-on-one and group call, I promise to work with you for FREE until you do.

Simple as that. 

So, if you’re genuinely ready for change and maximum growth within your styling business and you’re willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of Style Coach Academy®, there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.  Am I right?

And if you’re still on the fence about investing in SCA®, I’ll be honest with you, love. Stop your search efforts here because you won’t find another program out there with the same DNA and track record as this one. I guarantee that, too.

Get ready to stand in your dopeness!




You're starting to question if you have what it takes to be an established Style Coach. 

Even though you're showing up online with OOTDs, style boards, and "how to style" videos, you're getting more saves than leads.

And when you have a sales call with a promising lead, you wing the hell out of it because you don't know what to say and how. All your potential client hears is a defeated "OK" from you after they say, "I'll think about it." You have zero comebacks for the objections that come your way, so you walk away empty-handed.

Or could it be that you're constantly creating new offers and discounting your services JUST to land a client? In your mind, something is better than nothing, but self-doubt and fear guide your decisions—no more of that. 

Listen, you have what it takes; all you're missing is direction, love. The change you need is right inside Style Coach Academy®.



    Lose the laundry list of styling services and hone in on your ideal clients’ specific challenges in their style journey. Identify which styling packages to sell and price your services accordingly to achieve your income goals. You’ll stop lowballing your rates and undercharging for your services once and for all!


    Establish your styling business with authority and credibility using a one-of-a-kind methodology that informs HOW you deliver results. Stand out as a Style Expert who attracts the caliber of clients willing (and able) to pay for your expertise and your EXCLUSIVE style offers.


    Communicate with your ideal clients using content and messaging that conveys your level of expertise, no matter where you show up. Explain the value of your services so well that potential clients see their style dilemmas solved with YOU as their guide.

Style Coach Academy Results

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Style Coach Academy

Style Coach Academy® is a high-performance 4-month program (with 2 additional bonus months for support) that teaches Style Experts how to structure their styling business, create styling offers by client Style Stage™ while using a unique framework, and position themselves as Style Experts.

  • Kick-Off Call
    Set the tone for your exciting 6-month journey with a 30-minute call outlining expectations and how to succeed within the program.
  • Group Coaching Calls with Nikki
    Dig deeper into the SCA® material, learn new strategies, or simply ask questions in a group setting hosted by Nikki twice per month.
  • 1:1 Coaching Calls with Nikki
    Unlock valuable one-on-one sessions with Nikki as you complete modules within the SCA® curriculum.
  • The Complete SCA® Curriculum
    Gain access to 7 modules with over 50 comprehensive lessons overflowing with information to help you determine your pricing, ideal client, marketing strategies, systems, and so much more! The SCA® curriculum also includes tangible resources, such as: scripts, contract templates, spreadsheets, workbooks, and video lessons.
  • Private Communication Hub
    Stay engaged, motivated, and in the know inside our online community full of like-minded Style Coaches who want to see you WIN!
  • Style Coach Academy ® Certificate of Completion
    Walk away as a SCA® graduate with everything you need to be a booked-out Style Coach!



(6 payments of $700)

this is for you if...

  • You’re ready to invest in a long-term solution for your styling business
  • You can fully commit 2-3 hours every week over the next 6 months
  • You’re seeking support and guidance from a Business Style Coach who has overcome the struggles you’re experiencing now
  • You’re ready to ditch the laundry list of styling services and create EXCLUSIVE offers for your ideal client
  • You want to establish yourself as a Style Expert with a Unique Style Process™

this is not for you if...

  • You want a low-cost, short-term fix for your styling business
  • You can’t dedicate the time or put in the work necessary to see results
  • You want to keep doing things your way though you’re not getting the results you need to grow your styling business
  • You’re not willing to reimagine or restructure your approach to your business
  • You’re not interested in differentiating your styling business from others in your industry