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Your style expertise can only take you so far, love. 

are you ready to finally welcome

the styling business of your dreams?

The structure you need to become an in-demand Style Expert waits just behind door number 1.

Yes, I’m already sold!

Real talk...

If it were just about style, you’d already have a thriving business with a revolving door of dream clients.

But by now, you’ve realized that starting or reimagining a successful styling business requires much more than that.

So no, you don’t need to share more “get ready with me” posts…
You don’t need to join another free webinar with over-the-top claims and promises…
You don’t even need to obsess over another Style Expert’s content to learn the tricks of the trade…
Right now, all you need is

straightforward, bare-bones information

that puts you on the path to a rock-solid operation

What if you could confidently…

  • Speak to a targeted group of people who want and, dare I say, need your services
  • Determine whether you’re a Personal Stylist or Style Coach to attract your dream clients on repeat
  • Make your email and DMs sing with inquiries after tightening up your pitch and social media presence
  • Promote your business with strong systems and processes handling the intricate pieces behind the scenes
I have what you need, love. 

As a woman with

top-tier style sense

and insight who everyone turns to

for fashion advice and wardrobe woes, shouldn’t you be able to materialize (and monetize) your expertise into a legit styling business?

Because the truth is…

 You don’t need a six-figure business at this point in the game.
You don’t even need popular accounts to validate your brand.
You only need to get back to the basics to package your unique style knowledge into a legitimate business model, catering to an amazing clientele.
With your innate and learned style knowledge, you feel you’ve earned the right to stop chasing questionable “experts” and information that is getting you nowhere near your dream of owning a BADASS styling business.
Launching or repositioning your styling business is a possibility, and here’s the proof: I’ve helped hundreds of newbie and seasoned Style Experts (myself included) do this very thing.

You can also take it from Charity, who who went from sending clients tons of links to creating a more streamlined client process.

Before we move forward…

You must let go of these lies your mind keeps replaying…

X "I already launched a styling business, and I’m not reeling in the clients I thought I would."
Listen, I get it. I was there before, but here’s what I realized: You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s a new day, babe, and you now have the plug to get right where you need to be. 
 X “I can’t afford to waste any more time or money on information I have to piece together.”
The good news is that you won’t need to do that anymore. You are done with the piecemeal life that leaves you questioning whether you’ve missed something critical along the way. This is the most comprehensive solution created specifically for Style Experts, so the search (and research) ends here.
X “I live and breathe fashion and style, but I don’t think I have what it takes to turn my knowledge into a business.”
Knowing your shit is the start, love. I can help you materialize that savviness into a business if the passion and desire are in check.
How is this possible?
The most efficient way to start and refine your styling business is by
If you spent time in the industry, you know there is no shortage of trends and “experts” pumping out content. “They” say to share OOTD and GRWM posts to start, even grow, a styling business.
(That may have worked a time or two, but we’re thinking bigger here, babe).
What if you view your style as a catalyst for deeper, more connected conversations that help your ideal clients solve a style dilemma?

Or what if you realize that talent ONLY matters if you have the foundational business acumen and a crystal clear vision for your venture?

Getting back to the basics means you get the necessary structure, which…

  • Offers the essential information to get your styling business off the ground without watching multiple YouTube videos or downloading another handful of free resources
  • Eliminates the need to share surface-level, fluff content with an undefined, uninvested audience, thinking your efforts will attract dream clients
  • Helps you create a legitimate business structure ready to market to and onboard paying clients…on repeat.
  • Makes your backend operation tight and right with the tools, systems, and processes specifically for your role as a Style Expert 
If you’re serious about owning a successful styling business like you say you are, you can’t afford to play games with your potential, hoping for the courage to pursue your passion.
You can’t sleep on your expertise simply because you don’t know how to start or why you can’t move past a frustrating plateau in your business.
Good thing you don’t have to anymore.
I'd be a ridiculously wealthy woman if I had a dollar for the times I longed for guidance when launching Style Coach Academy®.
Instead, I wasted countless hours figuring out how to organize and translate the information and ideas in my head into a viable business.
There was a lot of trial and error and mistakes made along the way. 
But I knew I struck gold once I discovered the fundamental components of a successful styling business.
I used my newfound knowledge to start and grow my one-of-a-kind program, and today, I share it with other burgeoning and experienced Style Experts like you. I meet you exactly where you are at this stage of your career and present my knowledge in a perfectly packaged program.
I’ve done all the legwork. All you have to do now is follow my lead and exhale because…I got you, love.


The back-to-the-basics program for Style Experts completely decked out with the fundamental components to create, position, and even refine your styling business.

Through four modules overflowing with deep-dive lessons, you’ll have everything you need to create a sound foundation primed for profit.
Inside, you’ll gain the clarity, confidence, and structure to transform your “side hustle” or “hobby” into a legit business model, complete with a clear vision for the future.

Style Expert Foundation™ is truly the infrastructure you’ve been missing…

Business Basics

Learn the nuts and bolts of running a successful styling business. We'll cover everything from setting up your business structure to managing finances and legalities, ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Style Expert Vision and Ideal Client Definition

Discover your unique style perspective and pinpoint your ideal client. By honing in on your niche and target audience, you can tailor your services and offerings to attract your dream clients effortlessly.

Identifying Your Style Expertise

Uncover your style superpower and determine what type of style expert you are. Whether a personal stylist or style coach, you'll know how to utilize your strengths to grow your business.

Cultivating a Successful Style Expert Mindset

Adopt the mindset of a successful style expert and overcome common mindset blocks that may be holding you back. Learn how to stay focused, motivated, and confident as you navigate the industry's ups and downs.

Streamlining Daily Business Tasks

Master the art of efficient task management and time allocation. Learn how to streamline your daily business operations, so you can spend less time on admin tasks and more time doing what you love.

Client Style Study and Market Research

Dive deep into understanding your target market with client style studies and market research. By gaining insights into your clients' preferences and pain points, you'll be better equipped to tailor your messaging to meet their current style stage.

Crafting Your Pitch

Develop compelling online and offline pitches that showcase your style expertise and resonate with your ideal clients. From elevator pitches to social media bios, you'll craft a pitch that matches the rooms you enter.

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Leverage Instagram's power to elevate your online presence and attract clients. Learn how to optimize your profile so your ideal clients can understand and know what you're about within the first 3 seconds of visiting it.

All you have to do is say,

“I’m ready to take my expertise seriously,” and…

You’ll get everything you need to finally launch or relaunch the styling business of your dreams!

only $197





Style Story Script™

Leverage the power of Instagram stories with targeted language aligned with your ideal clients and their needs. This script not only captures attention but also compels potential clients to take action. Our Style Story Script™ is a strategic way to master instant messaging. Get ready for those DMs to start pouring in!

Website Home Page Layout Template

Create a memorable first impression as a Style Expert with an ideal home page experience primed for connection and conversions. 

Say Less; I’m IN!



You’re definitely a match for Style Expert Foundation™ if…

  • You’re a newbie Style Expert who needs practical (and proven) steps to start a fundamentally sound styling business
  • You’re a seasoned Style Expert who needs to reassess your positioning because you’re attracting the wrong clientele or experiencing a decline in business due to unaligned offers
  • You love the idea of self-paced programs where you can fully immerse yourself in each lesson at your leisure (because you’re a busy woman!)
  • You are ready to translate your deep style expertise into a reputable, profitable business model you and your ideal clients take seriously

I see you nodding your head in agreement, love. So what’s it going to be? 

Did I mention you can complete this self-paced program over the weekend?